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We have a 6 step education driven planning approach to give you a full picture of you where you are and what you are wanting to accomplish and how to obtain your goals.


Step 1 – Inquiry 

We provide a brief overview of our services and compensation structure so you can determine if our services will fit your needs. If we are a fit for you, you can get started by contacting us.





Step 2 – Introductory Meeting 

We offer a complimentary meeting to learn more about you, your individual or business needs and goals, disclose any conflicts of interests, and discuss the overall financial planning process.





Step 3 – Data Collection 

If you decide to select our services, then we will provide you with a list of information needed in order to compile a comprehensive financial plan.





Step 4 – Examine/Evaluate/Plan design 

Once we have received all of your information, we will examine and evaluate your information in order to begin formulating and developing solutions for your plan based on your goals and needs.





Step 5 – Present solutions 

We will conduct another meeting to review the information gathered previously, present our solutions based on your financial goals, and provide you with a customized written financial plan.





Step 6 – Execute and monitor plan solutions 

We will discuss a monitoring plan of action and you will decide whether the plan solutions will be executed by yourself, by us, or a mutual arrangement. During this step, time is of the essence because goals without plans are simply dreams.  We want to help you make those dreams a reality!





If you are ready to stop procrastinating and start taking control of your finances to obtain financial freedom, we are here to help you!