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Who can benefit from your services?

Although everyone can benefit from our services, we choose to focus on individuals, primarily women, who are ready to pursue financial peace of mind or is interested in setting financial goals.  We provide services to individuals of all income levels and from all walks of life and welcome clients whether they desire a one-time consultation, comprehensive services, a second opinion, or ongoing financial services and monitoring.  In addition, we also provide planning for small business and financial education programs for their employees.

Individuals who possess the following characteristics typically benefit the most from our services:

  • Willing to set and achieve financial goals

  • Committed to developing a budget and have control of their spending

  • Value professional expertise and our ability to make complex subjects easy to understand

  • The desire to build wealth over time and not expect “quick financial fixes”

Where do you meet with your clients?

Our appointments are typically scheduled in our office or we can schedule the initial consultation over the phone.  We currently meet with our clients by appointment only as we seek to maintain a work/life balance as to have time to spend time with family and friends and will only schedule evening/weekend appointments if needed.

How do I schedule an initial meeting?

You can contact us at 469-616-0954 or schedule an Introductory meeting online.  Your typical initial meeting will last approximately 30 minutes as we get to know you and you get to learn about our services and how we can help you.

I don’t know much about finances; how can you help?

Our financial process includes educating our clients and simplifying complex information in an easy to understand presentation.  Our belief is that no one completes goals unless they understand them.

Do you only provide comprehensive financial planning?

Although a comprehensive plan generates the greatest benefits; we can provide specific services as requested by the client.

I don’t have a lot of money; do you work with people like me?

Yes, we do not have any minimum amount of income or investments before we can work with you.  We believe everyone needs a plan in order to meet financial goals and secure your financial future.

I have substantial assets accumulated and have done quite well. How can you help?

In some cases, clients have assets managed by several firms, making it difficult to have a complete financial picture. Therefore, clients could benefit from a holistic financial plan, which is a life-integrated approach to encompass both your assets and financial goals to see if you are on track to meet them.

Do you only work with clients in Texas?

We are able to work with clients in other states.  Please contact us to see if we can work with clients in your state.

How should I choose an advisor?

In looking for an advisor, you should find someone you are comfortable with and who possess these characteristics:

  • One who will put your best interest ahead of their own

  • Education and experience

  • Professional, competent, and courteous

  • Honest and trustworthy

  • Sincere interest in helping you achieve your financial goals

How can I send information you requested securely?

You can go to our client portal in order to send documents to us. You will want to create a username and password in order to upload documents securely.